Geothermal Drilling

North Tech Drilling (NTD) specializes in supplying energy companies with proficient and flexible talent for geothermal drilling services around the world. For your geothermal drilling projects to be completed on schedule and within budget, you will need experts with experience.


NORTH TECH DRILLING is offering a state of the art drilling rigs and equipment that is specially equipped and designed for geothermal slim well drilling.
The specialized rig for Small Hole Drilling is a track mounted to be able to mobilize in hard and difficult areas to minimize infrastructure and mobilization cost. The rig is equipped with two top drives, to do hammer drilling, coring and rotational drilling. The largest drilling diameter is 18” and can handle PQ up to 2000 meter, HQ to 3000 meter and NQ as deep as 3300 meters.


North Tech Drilling is one of the few companies in the world that have experience in drilling geothermal exploration slim wells and setting up flow test equipment and perform flow tests.

Slim-Wells: Significant Reduction In costs towards a Bankable

Geothermal energy is renewable and environmentally friendly

  • Minimal pollution & small surface footprint compared to e.g. hydro and solar
  • Resource available for decades with managed utilization and re-injection of water

Geothermal power plants provide always accessible base-load

  • Stable predictable resource of electricity, no need for energy storage or back-up facilities unlike solar, run of river hydro and wind

However, initial investments for geothermal project development are high

  • Exploration, confirmation drilling and reservoir testing is expensive but necessary prerequisites for a bankable project

To reduce cost of failure North Tech Energy has developed a new proprietary Slim-Wells technology – much cheaper than traditional drilling

  • Reduces the investment needed to make project bankable significantly and thereby cost of failure and reducing overall project risk
  • Surface footprint and environmental impact greatly reduced due to much smaller well-pads, roads and other infrastructure necessary for the drilling

Quicker cash generation and smaller projects become feasible

  • Small, cheap and standardized geothermal power generators can be installed directly onto the Slim-Well replacing costly and polluting diesel generators
  • Perfect solution in geothermally active but isolated areas, or for savings during further exploitation of a geothermal field
Slim-Wells Provide
  • Full Core
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Permeability
  • Reservoir temperature
  • Reservoir pressure
  • Productivity

Slim-Wells vs. traditional exploration

Two major Geothermal Development Institutions have confirmed the advantages of the Slim-Wells technology: Jacobs (New Zealand) and ISOR - Iceland Geosurvey

  • Jacobs in its analysis estimated cost of failure, i.e. the cost to verify the resource, as being 37% using Slim-Wells compared to traditional exploration drilling, thereof the cost of drilling is reduced by 2/3.
  • This makes the investment into greenfield geothermal much less risky as 2 to 3 fields can be verified for the cost of one using traditional methods.

Jacobs conclusions were that Slim-Wells

  • Are a proven tool for reaching depths needed for reservoir discovery
  • Reduce the overall risk (cost) of failure in exploration drilling
  • Assist project schedule by reducing barriers to Exploration drilling
  • Have multiple uses and value if retained on a project
  • Should be considered for any exploration/delineation drilling, reducing project risk andaccess difficulties
  • Need same geothermal expertise embodied in their application to achieve desired outcomes as traditionally drilled exploration wells
Acknowledging this and other advantages of Slim-Wells, the Indonesian Government has approved the use of Slim-Wells as a legitimate Exploration Method for geothermal fields
The cost of necessary drilling fleet is also much less, i.e. easily portable, simpler and much cheaper drill fleet.